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Access SourceJammer source code.

Web Browser Access

Browse Archive

The SourceJammer project has been self-hosting since July of 2001. Yes, we have been using SourceJammer as our source-control system instead of CVS, etc. You can browse the latest sourcecode in our SourceJammer archive by clicking this link. Or you can point your browser directly to and enter 'SourceJammer' in the archve name field.

SourceJammer Client Access

If you have already installed the SourceJammer client 2.1 beta 4 or later, you can point your client to, archive name: SourceJammer and browse the SourceJammer archive that way or do a Get Project to quickly get all the latest sourcecode. The anonymous username and password are anon/anon.

Packaged Download

And feel free to download the packaged source code from our download page.

SourceJammer is free software and is copyright (c) 2001, 2002 Robert MacGrogan.