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Planned new features for SourceJammer

The SourceJammer team has a lot of new and improved functionality planned for SourceJammer's future. The most recent release is 2.0.1

If you have any ideas for new or improved features for SourceJammer, please let us know by emailing the SourceJammer developers mailing list at or by posting to the Feature Request Tracker.

Beyond 2.0

  • Synchronization command to quickly sync local tree with the folder tree in the archive.
  • Allow recursive check out, and check in
  • Concurrent versioning
  • Full text search of all text documents in an archive
  • Search for files based on check-out status, name, create/check-in date, etc.
  • Enhanced client-side plugin api

  • SourceJammer is free software and is copyright (c) 2001 - 2003 Robert MacGrogan.