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How to install and use SourceJammer.

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Getting Help:

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User Docs:

SourceJammer FAQs.

SourceJammer Quick Start Guide.

SourceJammer Mailing Lists.

2.1 User's Guide for SourceJammer

JavaDoc (API Documentation): (last updated 9/24/2003)
            or download [ tar.gz / zip ]
   2.0.2 (last updated 3/27/2003)
            or download [ tar.gz / zip ]
   1.3.0 (last updated 11/20/2002)
            or download [ tar.gz / zip ]
   1.2.0 (last updated 05/21/2002)
            or download [ tar.gz / zip / jar ]
   1.1.0 (last updated 02/25/2002)
            download [ tar.gz / zip / jar ]

Admin Docs:

Configuring the SourceJammer server.

Import/Export SourceJammer archive. (Moving to a new server.)

User Permissions.

Labeled Versions.

Keyword Expansion.

How files are stored on a SourceJammer server.

SourceJammer is free software and is copyright (c) 2001-2003 Robert MacGrogan.